Letting Winter in

A faux fur throw is an absolute must for cosy-ing up a bedroom

So. It finally made good its promise (not a threat, mind you!) and turned up, damp and demanding, at your door - Winter is here.

Here stands The Changeling Season. The insomniac that sweeps away dulled leaves for sparkling snow even as you sleep. But it is a harsh season too - possessed of ways at times so sharp that its long presence can really frutrate you (that is, until your ire is blunted by the cosiest of adorable knits!).

Winter is one of nature's many mysteries and this interior designer might argue that it is in the home that this season's most wonderful self is revealed through the humans that experience the bitter cold as a backdrop against which to reflect the warmth, love and childlike joy of living that lives deep within our own nature. This has created, over time, the inviting look that has come to personify this season in the Western world.

So, by all means open your door to Winter. Damp and demanding it may be but all the more reason to make your home a warm and welcoming retreat to cheer you and yours throughout the season.

And, if you are in need of some inspiration here are some interiors what welcomed Winter and were all the more wonderful for it!

What says 'winter' like an open fire?

Elegant indoor winter foliage

Winter with whimsy

Comfort colours

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