One killer manga chic apartment

Admittedly, when it comes to telly I am usually a decade or more behind - and this is no less true in the case of The Good Wife which I recently started watching briefly but have since eschewed due to the increasingly silly plot twists.

Still, I wouldn’t be writing this if something about the show didn’t strike my fancy, and I’m almost – but not quite - ashamed to admit that it was my unexpected rooting sesh for the wife-killing dandy degenerate in episode 13 (boo ha ha ha ha ha).

Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t want to find myself alone in a dark alley with the guy, but if the ‘cramped’ apartment he resides in after (allegedly!!) feeding his wife to the dogs is anything to go by, our little house of horrors would be fabulous dahling, just fabulous!

I guess the lesson I am trying to impart here is that though a guy might be a deeply disturbed sadist that does not mean he can't give a superlative masterclass in how one might create a visceral and decidedly masculine bachelor pad using employing the proceeds from one's late wife's estate.

So how can you too achieve this dark dashing look? Simply put, just juxtaposition a range of tasteful pieces organised classic pieces - including a few African fetishes - with a gigantic 'I probably have a dungeon in the basement' manga poster and voila you will have killer style in spades.

Here are a few other great sources below to complete the look (left to right; top to bottom):

Tears and Pain Poster

Marble obelisk sculptures

African fetishes and sculptures


Harry Bertoia Kitchen Bar Stools

Mother of pearl wall tiles

Table lamp

Art Deco sculptures

Deep button sofa

Gustavian Neoclassical chairs

Mulberry Tripod Lamp

And of course, for help on putting together your own killer apartment, just get in touch on

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