Super cool convertibles

Maybe it's just the sky's noble attempt at sunshine, but I have noticed that convertibles are feeling very 'now' to me lately. It's the way that they can impress by not being one boring thing, or the other - but can change on a wondrous whim - that makes convertibles unpredictable and exciting. It's the way that they give a not so subtle nod to human ingenuity. It's the way they give maximum visual va-va-voom when they need to but are also simpler compact things which can be parked in smaller spaces. In my opinion, the real showstoppers are vintage, as they embody a graceful old-world charm that is both playful and refined.

So, without further ado, I present to you the cool convertibles that are making my pulse race.

Number one: This little number from 1stdibs pulls out all the stops.

Number two: One rocking ride from Collinge Antiques

Number three: Darling, let's make tracks to Guinevere Antiques

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