Scratching the surface of Bath

Bath, as anyone who knows me can attest, is my idea of heaven in England. Much as I adore those legendary green and pleasant fields that are the backbone of English folklore, it is that Roman-built town on the island's south-west which most captures my imagination.

Call me a sucker for strong chiseled bones and perfect proportions - features that characterized the Romans of old and the architecture that they left behind.

As the name of the city suggests, bathing in style is the running theme that defines the city, so it stands to reason that this preoccupation should spill into the psyche of the inhabitants (and hopefully inspire folks who visit!).

So, in celebration of this most glorious city, here are some of my favorite resources for creating a timeless bathing space that you will want to visit again and again:

Check out the Water Monopoly. The Jennings bath is particularly Roman regal.

Salvage yards are an ideal place to find unique antique baths and fittings. English Salvage is one of my favorites.

For unquestioned luxury, check out the Copper Bateau from Catchpole & Rye

And of course, for a consultation to discuss your dream bathroom project, don't hesitate to get in touch at

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