Pierre Frey - French for 'pretty fabulous'

I have a little motto I recite while walking down some charming street in Provence or people watching in Paris: 'We all do it, but the Frenchies do it better.'.

This little motto is applied liberally every time I am presented with a new collection from Pierre Frey. This brand, established in 1935 to provide the world with sometimes silly, sometimes serious wallpapers and fabrics embodies that certain little nod to excess, which when acknowledged with humour, gives ordinary proceedings that essential joie de vivre.

I am a fan of this brand for the same reason that I am a fan of literature. Each new collection gives designers the opportunity to explore a a story as told through the eyes of another - see here on an African jungle (as only Pierre Frey can see it); see upon this wall the re-telling of a old Chinese proverb, long forgotten. Over there an epic orgy, down yonder, an oasis.

Intrigued? Why not take a look here? And of course, when you would like to discuss how you can use fabrics and wallpapers to tell your own unique story, email J.Archer Designs on


The 'Maya' Collection

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